'Building a Website in Blocs' course

A series of 24 detailed videos covering every step involved in building this multi-page website in Blocs



These 24 highly detailed videos cover every step involved in building this multi-page website in Blocs


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Building a multi-page website in Blocs

In this course, I am explaining every single action, step by step, which you have to take to build a beautiful and fairly complex multi-page website in Blocs.


1. Introduction to Building a website in Blocs

2. Creating the project and building the site structure

3. Preparing the images for the project

4. Customizing the navigation menu

5. Adding, adjusting and duplicating blocs

6. Creating and adjusting the faded background effect

7. Advanced customization of button brics

8. Creating social icons and using visibility feature

9. Using panel brics customized with custom classes

10. Using column rows customized with custom classes

11. Customizing the buttons using custom classes

12. Creating and adjusting the social icons

13. Creating and adjusting custom forms

14. Using the custom class manager

15. Creating the image thumbnails for blog posts

16. Adding and adjusting the icon brics

17. Using panel bric to build pricing tables

18. Creating the image grid with button overlays

19. Creating the portfolio item pages

20. Applying fade-in and fade-out effects to home page

21. Finishing building the landing page

22. Checking all links on the website

23. Optimization for mobile devices

24. Finalizing and exporting the project

website bg.jpg

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Building a website in Blocs

24 videos covering every step of building a multi-page website

- 24 detailed video lessons
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One payment for a lifetime access