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Introducing My Favorite Template for Blocs 3

I have finally rebuilt the Winter template using Blocs 3. Thanks to its stunning design and effects, it is my all-time favorite template for Blocs.

Posted by @EldarGezalov on December 30, 2018
winter template blocs 3 amazing beautiful
Winter template is one of the best websites I have ever created.

Just two days left in this year, but I am not stopping to produce even more awesome content for Blocs 3. Today, I am so happy to share with you the entirely new version of Winter template.

Similar Structure with much better design and effects

The design of a new template might look familiar to Blocs 2 version, but everything underneath is different. And not just different, Winter template for Blocs 3 is now a much better template.

I have spent many hours optimizing it for all four breakpoints available in Blocs, and thanks to the new Column Width and Offset controls feature of Blocs 3, I was able to produce almost perfect responsiveness for all device sizes.

Also, thanks to the new Scroll Effects of Blocs 3, Winter template now has a much better set of animation effects, working on all platforms. 

These are just some of the improved parts of the Winter template:

- Better mobile optimization
- Much improved newsletter bloc
- Much improved and simplified Map and contact blocs
- Improved social icons
- Improved a loading speed
- Fade in and out effects
- Scroll effects
- Plus countless small fixes and improvements

I have big plans for Blocs Templates project in 2019, which I am going to share in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Check the demo and download Winter Template

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