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My Plans for 2019 - Templates, Courses, YouTube

Today, I wanted to share with you my plans for Blocs Templates, Blocs Master, Course Master, YouTube and my other projects for 2019. 

Posted by @EldarGezalov on February 13, 2019
eldar gezalov plans for 2019 youtube blocs
I wish I had more than 24 hours per day, becuase there is so much I want to do to help people.

At the end of last month, I have shared with you the short video in which I talk about my plans for 2019. In this video, I talk about Blocs Templates, Blocs Master, Course Master, Space Master, and other projects I am working on at this moment.

Take a look at this video to learn the details.

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Let me summarize what I have said in this video.

Every week I will share at least two new videos on my YouTube channel. One on web design and one on another topic, which can be online course creation, technology, productivity tips, or anything else I am interested in.

Every month, I will share the new update with Mastering Blocs 3 students, which will include 10 to 15 videos covering various aspects of using Blocs, as well as other great resources you can use to learn web design this Blocs.

Every month, I will share four new Blos templates with Blocs Templates Lifetime Members, all available for free to current members. I will recreate all of the remaining Blocs 2 templates, and I will create at least ten more entirely new templates.

I will try to update this blog as often as possible with written updates on all of these projects. In addition to these, I am also working on a new secret project, which I can’t wait to share with you!

If you haven’t already, connect with me on social media. I am always happy to hear from any of you.

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