You Can Now Upload Photos to iCloud Photo Library

Just like we predicted a couple of days ago, you can now upload the photos to iCloud Photo Library directly via iCloud website using any web browser. For now, the new upload feature is available only to iCloud beta users who have activated the iCloud Photo Library service on their iOS devices. It only supports the JPG image files for now, so in order to upload the files of other photo and video formats, you will have to wait until Apple will bring the upload feature to its main website in coming weeks.

Uploading process

The process of uploading of the photos is very easy and straightforward. Just click 'Upload' and select the photos you want to upload. The following was copied from Apple's iCloud Help website.

Add new photos or videos
1. Log in to, then click Photos.
2. Click Upload and select the photos or videos you want to add.
3. Click Choose to upload them to your library.
Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 11.11.11 AM.png

In addition to uploading the photos, the new Photos app for iCloud lets users add their favorite photos to Favorites Album, download or delete photos. I am looking forward to see Apple add more iOS-like functionality, such as an ability to search, create and manage the albums, drag photos into a custom order or even some basic editing capabilities.

What is iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is a new photo management service that automatically uploads every photo and video to iCloud and gives users the access to entire libraries on any device connected to the same iCloud account. The structure of libraries is kept the same on all connected devices, while all edits and changes made on one device are automatically synced across the all devices.

iCloud Photo Library always stores the original full-resolution photos and videos in iCloud, but users can choose whatever they want to keep the original files on their devices, or save some free space by opting to keep the device optimized lightweight files instead. This feature is especially useful for people who use the iOS devices with 16GB of storage, allowing them to store the huge photo libraries without sacrificing the free storage on their devices. 

iCloud Photo Library on Mac OS X

Apple has announced that they are going to release a Mac OS version of Photos app in the beginning of 2015. The app is going to replace the currently available iPhoto and Aperture apps as go-to photo management solution for Mac OS and iOS users.

As you can see on a screenshot above, iPhoto (as well as Aperture) does not provide a way to access the iCloud Photo Library, so until the new Photos app will be available for Mac OS, there is no way to natively access the iCloud Photo Library on Mac OS.

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