You Can Finally Watch Google Play Movies Offline

In my post Using a Chromebook Offline, I noticed that you cannot watch movies you bought in Google Play Store without an internet connection. Fortunately, Google just solved this problem with a release of new Google Play Movies & TV app for Chrome, that makes it possible to watch movies and TV shows on Chromebooks even without an internet connection.

In addition to ability to watch the movies offline, Google has updated the app with an improved Chromecast and local playback experience and an inclusion of Info Cards, which appear when movies are paused and show the information about actors, their related films and even music playing in the background.

For now, offline playback is available only on Chrome OS devices, and it is unclear whatever Google is going to update it to work with a Chrome Browser running on Macs or PCs.

You can download the updated app using the link below.

Download Google Play Movies & TV