What to expect from Apple Watch 2

According to various rumors, Apple will release the second generation of Apple Watch this year, probably at WWDC in June. Another possible date might be the iPhone event, which usually takes place in September.

As you might already know, I am not very excited about the Apple Watch 2, but more and more people ask me what do I expect from the second generation of Apple Watch. 

As a result, I have decided to share my opinion and some rumors about the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

Better processor

Let's be honest, current generation Apple Watch is slow as hell. Even after Apple released the second generation of watchOS, my Apple Watch didn't become any faster. Sometimes it is so frustrating to wait a few seconds to open 1st party app. Apple Watch 2 definitely needs faster processor.

Improved battery life

Battery on Apple Watch is not bad, but it is not spectacular either. I hope that with the introduction of next generation processor, the Apple Watch will become even more energy efficient. 7 days battery life is unlikely, but I would be more than happy to get half of that.

Built-in GPS

Not necessary, but it would definitely be very handy. Right now, to take the full advantage of Apple Watch, you still need an iPhone with you, which a big disadvantage if you are a runner like me. Built-in GPS will make Apple Watch 2 even more independent device.

Another inclusion might be the built-in WiFi, but it is even more unlikely than GPS due to its tremendous influence on battery life.

Thinner design

Although, I am almost sure that the next generation Apple Watch will keep its current design, I would be very happy if Apple will able to cut the thickness of Apple Watch, even just by a couple of millimetres.

To summarize, Apple Watch will become a bit faster, and its battery will probably last longer. Other than that, I am not counting on any other significant improvements.