Wedding Template for Blocs 3 is Available

Today, I am sharing with you the new version of Wedding template, which I have rebuilt using Blocs 3 from scratch.


The original version of Wedding template for Blocs 2 was released more than two years ago. And although the structure of wedding websites has not changed since then, there was a significant change for me - I have got married.

Long story short, I have rebuilt Wedding template from scratch, and instead of using the copyright-free images I find on the internet, I have used my own pictures for this project.

The template itself was improved in every possible way, with both multi-page and single-page versions looking much better compared to the previous version.

The list of the improvements in ver 4.0 of Wedding template:

- Completely Redesigned every single element
 - Much better mobile optimization
 - Better fonts (must install Italiano Google Font)
 - Customized alerts messages
 - Sliding navigation invisible upon a visit
 - Customized Scroll to Top button
 - Customized Carousel Arrows
 - Improved mobile navigation and sidebar design
 - Adjusted the shadows of default elements
 - Personalized active (focus) state for form fields
 - Massively improved multi-page version
 - Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements
 - Overall loading speed improvements

Make sure to install the Italianno font from Google Fonts

The new version of Wedding template uses the Italianno font, which you can install for free from Google Fonts. Make sure to install it before opening the project, because all of the elements of this template were designed according to the specific sizes for this font.

If you don’t know how to install fonts, just open the Blocs Preferences, select Manage Fonts option, then click ‘+’ and paste the following code. 

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

After you do that, just restart Blocs, and open Wedding template project files.

The absence of BEX Page Template files

The current version of Blocs app still has some issues when it comes to exporting the BEX files, so I am not able to include the BEX Page Templates with this update, but when the bug will be fixed, I will add them right away.

Commerce template for Blocs 3 is coming soon

I am already working on the next template for Blocs 3. It will be a completely rebuilt version of Commerce template. Stay tuned for newsletter update when it will be out.

Check the demo and download the Wedding template