Video Production Company and Personal Website Templates for Blocs 3

I am happy to share with you the new and massively improved versions of Producer and Personality templates for Blocs 3.

I am continuing to create more and more premium templates for Blocs 3.

I am continuing to create more and more premium templates for Blocs 3.

In recent weeks I have been busy creating more awesome content for Blocs Templates, Blocs Master, and my YouTube channel, and I didn’t have time to update my blog.

So today I want to put out a few posts sharing what’s going on with my projects, starting with the Blocs Templates.

I have already posted about the new version of Designer Template for Blocs 3, which I have improved in all possible ways. I can say the same about other templates I built last months. Both Personality and Producer templates were recreated using Blocs 3 from scratch with lots of improvements.

I get better at using Blocs 3 every week

The more I use Blocs 3, the better I get at creating excellent websites with it, which look great on all types of devices. Personality and Producer templates are not exceptions.

They both now have much better and cleaner code, faster-loading speeds, hugely improved mobile optimization, and some new cool features like the automatic language switcher icon in Producer template, which is a perfect fit for bilingual websites.

I am not going to go through the whole list of changes, but I would recommend to check out both demos by following the links below.

Producer Template
Personality Template

If you have been following my Twitter, you might have already heard about the recreation of the Apple’s website I have done using Blocs 3. I have posted a separate post on that here.

I am going to recreate at least three more templates in February, and if I am lucky, release an entirely new one just for Blocs 3. If you want to hear more about my plans not only for this month but for 2019, I recommend to check out the new video I posted a while ago.

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