Use This Simple Tool To Deregister iMessage

iMessage is a messaging service made by Apple that lets users send text, voice and video messages to anyone who use iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, completely free. The service is very easy to use and perfectly integrated into Apple's products, but it is far from perfect. Its weak point is limitation only to iOS and Mac OS devices, so it is impossible to use it to communicate with Android or Windows users.

When users are setting up the iMessage on their devices, they have to register their phone number to work with iMessage. This provides a lot of advantages while using your iPhone, but what if you decide to change your phone to a non-Apple device? Until now, it ofter resulted in problems with receiving the SMS messages on your new phone, because your number were still associated with the Apple ID. 

The easiest way to avoid any problems when switching to a new device is simply turning off the iMessage in Settings > Messages > iMessage, but most of the people do not bother doing so. They only find out there is the problem, when their friends who try to send them SMS messages using their iPhones complain about being ignored. Fortunately, Apple now provides the way to easily deregister your phone number from iMessage to avoid any possibility of missing the future SMS messages on your new non-Apple device.

If you no longer have your iPhone, just follow few simple steps to remotely deregister your phone number. Go to this website, enter your phone number and confirmation code, and you are done. You can completely forget about iMessage.

Eldar GezalovComment