Upload Songs to Google Play Music via Chrome Browser

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Google has finally unveiled the native packaged Google Play Music app for Chrome. You can install the app by going to ‘Labs’ section of the menu in your Google Play Music and enabling the 'Google Play Music for Chrome'.

The new app will let you directly upload the songs from your local drive without using the Music Manager. Uploading songs is as easy as dragging and dropping them to the Chrome, and there is also a feature that lets you choose the local folders to monitor and automatically upload the new tracks you will add to these folders in the future.

Just like when using the Music Manager, Google will scan and match the music you are about to upload, and add the matched song to your library without the uploading of the file, while upgrading the quality to MP3 320 kbps.

 Enable new feature in Labs

Enable new feature in Labs

New app also brings a new mini player and ability to download your entire music library directly from the Google Play Music website. Previously, users were able to download their libraries only after installing the Music Manager app.

Google Play Music is my favorite service for storing of my music library in the cloud. I still use iTunes with iTunes Match subscription to sync the music between my mac and iOS devices, but I will continue to use Google Play Music due to its cross-platform accessibility.

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