Update on current state of Blocs Templates project

I just wanted to update you on the current state of the Blocs Templates project. 

These days, I am working on new premium templates for Blocs, which will have advanced features, more polished design, and multiple pages with more complex layouts. In addition, I am working on updates for the existing templates, so stay tuned for the email with updates and new template in the coming days.

Also, I want to thank everybody who has been sending me mails to thank me for many hours I spend working on the Blocs Templates project. I really appreciate your kind words.

For those of you who want to support Blocs Templates project, I am opening the online shop for my templates. You will still be able to request to get any template for free, but if you wanted to support the project, now you can.

I cannot wait to share with you the new advanced templates. Thank you for your support.