This is what new 2016 MacBook Pro might look like

It is obvious now that the MacBook Pro will receive a big update this year. Depending on various rumors, the refresh is expected sometime between June and October.

I am very exited about the new MacBook Pro, so I have already posted a few posts about what I expect to see in the new generation. You can read it here. Although I had expected a major update to the MacBook Pro lineup, it looks like Apple is going to introduce even more radical changes than I thought.

 Photo credit: Cult of Mac

Photo credit: Cult of Mac

The first big change is the second screen, OLED touch screen, which will be located above the keyboard, replacing the traditional function keys. The second one is the absence of any other ports except USB-C and 3.5mm headphone jack. If the photos below to be believed, the new MacBook will have four USB-C ports. 

 Four USB-C ports. Photo credit: Cult of Mac

Four USB-C ports. Photo credit: Cult of Mac

The photos above have almost completely confirmed the upcoming changes, but there is still a lot of design aspects unknown. 

Fortunately, very talented 3D graphic designer Martin Hajek, who is famous for his 3D renderings of the unreleased products, didn't waste his time and came up with an amazing collection of 3D renderings of the possible design of the next generation MacBook Pro.

I am not sure that Apple will use the OLED touch display in a way Martin proposes in his renderings, but it will surely be very interesting addition to the MacBook Pro lineup.

Check out Martin's work below. 


Check Martin's website for more concept photos. Also, check out the Cult of Mac's website for more content about Apple.