Things coming to Blocs Templates in coming weeks

I am writing this post to let you know what is going on with Blocs Templates. While waiting for the release of Blocs 2.3, I have been busy working on the big renovation of Blocs Templates website and my store, and I wanted share with you just a couple of things you can expect from me in the coming weeks!

New website for Blocs Templates will be live on January 28th

Thanks to the hard work of its developer, Blocs app is getting better and better with each update. Blocs Templates website is also built on Blocs, so to celebrate the upcoming release of Blocs 2.3, I will be updating the website with the new functionality and new design.

Updates to the templates

In addition to our website, every template we offer will also receive the 2.0 update. I am doing my best to fix all the bugs and add more pages and functionality to our existing templates. With this update, every of our template will come in at least two variations: multi-page and single-page templates.

Giving away the templates for free

As you might already know, the purchasers of multi-page versions of our templates can also download the single-page version as well. Today, as a part of our big renovation of Blocs Templates, I am happy to announce that everybody who bought the lite (single-page) versions of any of our templates will receive an email with multi-page template download link as well. 

Big update to the Ultimate All-Templates Pack

On January 28th, the Ultimate All-Templates Pack will be replaced with the Premium Membership, which will include more great content and services at the same affordable price. Of course, all existing customers of All-Templates Pack will be automatically granted a lifetime access to Premium Membership.

These are just some of the cool news I wanted to share with you today! Stay tuned for the big update to Blocs Templates on January 28th.