The List of Videos in Squarespace Course

Some of you have asked for a detailed curriculum for Space Master, so I have decided to create one and share it with you today.

With Space Master, you can take your web design skills with Squarespace to another level.

With Space Master, you can take your web design skills with Squarespace to another level.

At the beginning of this month, I have released the new video course, 'Building a website in Squarespace', which covers everything you need to know to build a beautiful multi-page website in Squarespace.

I have received a lot of positive feedback from many of you, and I want to tell you that I really appreciate it. It motivates me to invest even more of my time to improve the course.

Some of you have asked for a more detailed curriculum for this course, so I have decided to create one and share it with you today.

The full list of videos

1. Creating a site
- Browser recommendation
- Creating a site
- Importance of templates
- Template families
- Previewing templates
- Creating an account

2. Exploring the user interface
- Basic user interface of Squarespace
- Switching from one template to another
- Pages basics
- Deleting pages
- Restoring deleted pages
- Setting a page to be the homepage

3. Exploring the settings
- Changing the name of the site
- Adding the tagline to the site
- General settings
- Website settings
- Editing the site description
- Adjusting the built-in domain
- Enabling the Pinterest button
- Search Engine Optimization basics
- Adjusting the URL structure
- Analytics basics

4. Creating a site structure
- Preparing images for our site
- Adding a page
- Using pre-made or blank layouts
- Creating a site structure
- Different types of pages

5. Using the Style Editor
- Style Editor basics
- Adjusting specific areas of the site
- Changing the structure of header
- Placing a button into navigation menu
- Adjusting the style of buttons
- Adjusting the style of text logo

6. Adjusting page settings
- Page settings basics
- Adding page descriptions
- Adding banner images to pages
- Editing pages in Edit mode
- Adding the padding to image banners
- Adding the parallax effect to images
- Adjusting the text appearance
- Adjusting the image focal point

7. Adding the content
- Adding the content to pages
- Blocks basics
- Using the image block
- Changing the position of any element
- Enabling the Preview mode

8. Adjusting the style of content
- Adding the overlay effect to background images
- Adjusting the text style
- Changing the body text

9. Adding the page banner
- Adding image banners to all pages
- Adding the content to Intro area
- Using the text toolbar
- Blog page basics

10. Working with text blocks
- Changing the Content Inset settings (side padding)
- Building the services page
- Working with text blocks
- Creating multiple text columns
- Changing the text logo style
- Adjusting the spacing between menu items

11. Using the index page (part 1)
- Adding the Index type page
- Understanding the Index type page
- Duplicating pages or sections of Index type page
- Adjusting the padding for sections with image backgrounds 

12. Using the index page (part 2)
- Adding sections to Index type page
- Using the ‘Manage Sections’ view
- Adding buttons
- Basic button settings
- Adjusting the Clickthrough URL settings
- Making style adjustments to index page elements
- Changing the style of buttons

13. Using the image block
- Creating image thumbnails for galleries
- Changing the image block style
- Using an image as a link

14. Creating an image gallery
- Utilizing the ‘Not Linked’ section
- Adding a gallery type page
- Adding images to the gallery
- Adding captions to gallery images
- Adjusting the settings for gallery images
- Changing the gallery style
- Connecting thumbnails to galleries

15. Adding a blog post
- Working with Blog type page
- Adding posts to the blog
- Adding categories and tags to posts
- Adding the content links
- Using the Spacer blocks
- Adding the thumbnail image to posts
- Creating text links

16. Duplicating a blog post
- Duplicating blog posts
- Changing the thumbnail image
- Changing the title and post URL
- Changing categories and tags

17. Mastering the Style Editor
- Changing the layout of the blog page
- Adjusting the style of the blog page
- Adjusting the text appearance
- Copying colors in Style Editor
- Adjusting the post style
- Changing the position of share buttons
- Adjusting the style of page navigation elements

18. Customizing sharing buttons
- Changing the style of sharing buttons
- Managing services for share buttons
- Using the ‘Simple Liking’ button

19. Building a custom form
- Adding the form block
- Adjusting the structure of the form block
- Adding various fields to forms
- Editing title, descriptions and placeholder text to form fields
- Making a form field required
- Creating dropdown menus in forms
- Creating checkboxes in forms
- Adjusting the general form settings
- Using the Lightbox mode with forms

20. Using the map block
- Adding the map block
- Adjusting the address of map block
- Adjusting the design of embedded map
- Repositioning elements on contact page

21. Building the landing page
- Overview of all pages we have created
- Creating the landing home page
- Adding the hero image to the landing page
- Adding video backgrounds to pages
- Adding padding to hero image using Spacer blocks
- Adjusting the image focal point
- Adjusting padding in regular pages or sections in Index pages

22. Using the index gallery
- Adding the gallery section to Index type page
- Creating shortcuts to pages
- Liking shortcuts to internal pages
- Renaming sections in Index type page
- Adjusting the gallery layouts in Index type page
- Styling the gallery section
- Adding the hover effect to images 

23. Creating a blog shortcut
- Unifying shortcuts using one gallery
- Creating a separate page shortcut
- Adding the button linked to blog page

24. Creating a contact shortcut
- Adding a separate section shortcut for contact page
- Adding the background image for a section in Index type page
- Selecting different text styles
- Linking internal pages
- Setting the index page as the homepage 

25. Using a newsletter block
- Adding the newsletter form block
- Connecting the Mailchimp to newsletter block
- Connecting the Google Drive to newsletter block
- Adjusting the appearance of newsletter block

26. Creating social links
- Changing the background color of footer
- Changing the layout of footer
- Adjusting the padding of footer
- Adjusting the style of social icons
- Connecting social links to social accounts

27. Adding the content to footer
- Adding links to navigation
- Creating the footer navigation
- Adding text content to footer area
- Example of footer design

28. Finalizing the design (part 1)
- Checking how every page looks
- Checking the state of each page
- Finalizing the home page design
- Finalizing the about page design

29. Finalizing the design (part 2)
- Finalizing the services page design
- Finalizing the blog page design
- Finalizing the blog item page design
- Alternative way to enter the edit mode
- Enabling the comments section for blog posts
- Finalizing the contact page design

30. Fixing broken links
- Checking descriptions of each page
- Fixing URLs for each page
- Checking pages interconnections
- Checking the Storage options for forms

31. Finalizing the settings
- Adding the social logo and favicon
- Finalizing the general settings
- Finalizing the website settings
- Purchasing domains
- Checking the marketing settings
- Finalizing the SEO settings
- Adjusting the homepage title

32. Mobile optimization
- Adjusting the menu structure
- Adjusting the style of the text logo
- Enabling the fixed navigation
- Disabling the search function
- Changing the menu button style
- Changing the slide menu style
- Adding a button to mobile slide menu

33. Final steps
- Setting an internal page as a default error page
- Login options for admin page
- Selecting the plan for our site
- Subscribing to publish the site