The Best Multilingual Template for Blocs

In this post, I am going to share with you the new improved version of the best multilingual template for Blocs, Anastasia.


Anastasia might not be the most complex and feature packed template I have ever built, but it is one of the unique ones. The different language icons in the header make it very easy to switch between languages, and intuitive navigation makes this template one of the easiest to navigate.

The layout of the template resonates a single-page website with scroll to target navigation, which was translated into four different languages. If you don’t need different languages, it is effortless to remove the multilingual capabilities with just one click. Just delete the top header with flag icons, and you have a great looking single-page website.

As always, while building this template in Blocs 3  I have improved it in every possible way. I am not going to post the full list of improvements, but if you have used the Blocs 2 version of this template, you will notice improvements in every corner.

Behind the scenes of how I made this template

This year, I want to introduce Blocs to even more people, so I have been actively making more free video tutorials and reviews on my YouTube channel  Yesterday, I posted a video showing the whole behind the scenes process of building Anastasia template. If you have 10 minutes of your time and you want to see how I do what I do, check out the video below.

I am already working on the next template for Blocs 3, so stay tuned for more templates coming very soon!

Check the demo and download Anastasia template