The Best Guide to Creating Online Courses

I have just released the Course Master, the most useful and easy to understand guide to creating a profitable online course.

Course Master was released to the public yesterday! In case you have missed it, Course Master is the most effective and practical guide to creating a profitable online course. I have been working on this course for a long time, and I am excited to share it with you.

Higest VPM (Value Per Minute)

You probably know how the smartphone manufacturers are trying to get the highest PPI, which stands for pixels per inch and represents the pixel density of displays. As you might guess, in the case with VPM, it means Value Per Minute.

Maximization of VPM was my primary goal and focus for Course Master. I wanted it to be as short as it can be without leaving out any critical information, while providing the high value. I believe I have archived that.

Apart from the introduction and the summary videos, Course Master includes just 17 videos with practical instructions and a total duration of only 59 minutes. As a result, the amount of value you can get from each minute is as high as it gets.

If you have been thinking about creating an online course, go to the Course Master page and sign up for the free mini-course to start your learning journey.

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