Software Updates To Expect on October 22


On October 22, Apple is going to announce the new hardware. iPad 5, iPad mini 2, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPod and Apple TV are all among the possible new products that could be unveiled that day. Apple will also officially release the Mac OS X Mavericks to the regular customers. These are some interesting things, but I am more excited about possible software updates during the upcoming event.

These are software updates I hope Apple will release next week. 

Big update to iWork and iLife apps for Mac and iOS

iOS 7 started the new revolution in software design department of Apple. Flat and simple design has replaced the skeuomorphism in almost every default app on iOS. Now it is the turn of iWork and iLife apps to follow the example and get a new fresh look. In addition to that, iWork and iLife apps for Mac have not received any big feature updates for the past four years, so upgrade to functionality will be more than welcomed as well.

I hope for the better unity of design and integration between the iWork apps for Mac, iOS and iCloud. Similar design layout, functionality and feel will make it even easier to use these apps on different platforms. Although, I understand that there are limitations for iOS apps, because they are designed for touch displays.

iCloud improvements


iWork for iCloud

In addition to the new iWork apps for Mac and iOS, I am looking forward to seeing the iWork for iCloud coming out of beta as well. During my tests of iWork for iCloud, I was not only impressed with the stability of web apps, but the quality of documents I can create on the web were beyond my expectations. iWork for iCloud still misses some basic features like inserting the tables into the Pages documents, so I hope Apple will add the missing functionality next week.

Photo Stream

I like the concept of Photo Stream wirelessly syncing photos I take with my iPhone to my Mac, but I always felt that it is not a 100% reliable service. Sometimes, I could notice that some random photos are being left out of the Photo Stream for unknown reasons. Few times Photo Stream just stopped working for few hours, even though I was on a stable Wi-Fi network.

 There are thousands of people on the internet posting about issues they have with Photo Stream. I hope Apple is listening to them and it is going to improve the stability and functionality of this very promising feature. More control over the process of uploading of photos would be great. Support for video is also one of the most desired features for Photo Stream.


iPhoto for iCloud

In addition to improving Photo Stream, it will be great to see Apple providing a way to view and manage my iPhoto library in iCloud. Some basic editing functionality would be welcomed as well. I personally hope that Apple will sync all the edits I make on one device or iCloud interface to another devices, just like iWork apps. When he was announcing iCloud back in 2011 Steve Jobs once said: ‘The truth is in the cloud’. I hope Apple will apply this principle to all of their apps, starting with iPhoto.

iTunes for iCloud

iTunes for iCloud is another of my wishes, that is probably not going to be around any time soon. But wouldn’t it be great to login to your iCloud account on any Apple device and be able to stream your music, movies or TV shows. And if you want to buy a song, wouldn’t it be nice to do thought the web interface. I like the way Google Play Music works: if I delete, edit or purchase some song once, it will be updated on all devices. I hope Apple will make something like that. 

Apple Maps for iCloud

Apple Maps are improving day by day, but I can’t say that I am even near of being satisfied with it in countries I live (South Korea or Russia) I think that adding the Apple Maps to iCloud could be a very good idea. In order to further improve its mapping service, Apple needs as much people using it as possible, so making it available online will certainly help a lot. 

iOS 7.1

iOS 7 is great, but it still can be improved in many ways. With announcing the new iPads, I hope Apple will release a 7.1 update to its mobile OS.

These are improvements I am hoping for.

  • Faster animation: animation is cool, but it is so frustrating sometimes.
  • iCloud Keychain for iOS: it was announced during WWDC in June, but then removed from iOS 7 final release.
  • Smoother experience: iOS 7 works smoothly, but on some devices it can be improved (especially iPad 3).
  • Bug fixes: during few weeks of using iOS 7, I have experienced much more bugs than during the one year of using iOS 6.
  • Battery life improvements: battery on my iPhone 5 is certainly dropped dramatically and I am not alone
  • Weather, Stock apps for iPad

This is what I am hoping for. Let me know what do you expect or what possible announcements are you excited about the most.

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