Pros and Cons of iPhone SE

iPhone SE is a fantastic device, but how does it compare to other iPhone models, and what are its pros and cons.

iPhone SE in Rose Gold. Image Source:

iPhone SE in Rose Gold. Image Source:

Last week Apple unveiled the new iPhone SE, the much-improved version of iPhone 5S. I have always admired the design of iPhone 5/5S, so I am seriously considering trading in my iPhone 6 Plus for the iPhone SE.

I think I am not the only one who is thinking about going back to using the 4-inch screen iPhone, so I have decided to share my thoughts about the pros and cons of iPhone SE. I hope it will help you determine whether this device is right for you or not.


Great design. Many customers still think that iPhone 5 is the best designed iPhone.
Compact form factor, which is comfortable and easy to use even with one hand.
A9 chip, which provides the same process and graphics performance as iPhone 6S.
2G of RAM make this phone future-proof.
Great 12MP rear camera with support for Live Photos.
4K video camera for taking of super crisp high definition videos.
Excellent battery life, which outperforms both iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S.
Apple Pay support
Retina Flash


1.2MP FaceTime camera, or should I say selfie camera.
No 3D Touch support, which might be a big downside for users who got used to it on iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.
The old version of Touch ID, which is still good, but not as fast as the latest generation of Touch ID.
Bigger bezels around the screen.
Too small display for some, especially for users who come from bigger sized iPhones.
No OIS (optical image stabilization), which I enjoy having on my 6 Plus.
Middle cycle release means that in a few months there will be another iPhone. 


To summarize, iPhone SE is an impressive phone with almost all the latest and greatest tech Apple has to offer. I am entirely sure that Apple will sell many millions of it, but the question is, am I going to switch from iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone SE? 

The answer is NO.

After considering all the pros and cons stated above, I have decided to stay with iPhone 6 Plus for now. The main reason for that will be the fact that in just six months Apple will unveil the iPhone 7, which, as always, will be called the most significant change to iPhone since the first iPhone.