Product Template is Now Available for Blocs 3

This week, I have added the Product template for Blocs 3, which means I have finally recreated all of the main Blocs 2 templates.

Product is the latest template I have rebuilt using Blocs 3

Product is the latest template I have rebuilt using Blocs 3

Product is not a complex template. It has a very simple structure and straightforward design, which make it very easy to edit and customize. Just edit several pre-styled classes and global color swatches and you get a completely different looking website design.

Product is the last template from Blocs 2 templates library, which I am recreating in Blocs 3. I took me almost a year, but I can finally say that I have rebuilt all 29 high-quality templates I had in Blocs Templates collection using the latest and greatest version of Blocs 3.

The full list of improvements:

- Much better tablet and mobile optimization
- Improved design for hero bloc
- Better looking fonts and general style
- Improved navigation menu on all breakpoints
- Customized Scroll to Top button
- New FAQ section bloc
- New Features / Intro section bloc
- Overall loading speed improvements
- Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements

Check out Product template >

Many Blocs Templates members might not even think about it, but the decision to recreate all of the templates in Blocs 3 was a very big one for me. It required a concrete commitment and hundreds and hundreds of working hours.

Starting from the next week, I am going to work on the next template. I have asked my Twitter followers about what template they would like to see first, and the absolute majority picked the ‘Foundation’.

So, at the beginning of October, I will be releasing the Foundation template for Blocs 3.

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