Online Storage Pricing Plans Comparison

Just a few months ago, I wrote a post comparing iCloud storage pricing with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. In that short period of time, a lot of things have changed, so I have decided to create an updated table comparing the prices of the most popular cloud storage services.

Companies like Google provide the ability to subscribe to storage plans up to 30 terabytes, but I think that 1 terabyte is more than enough for a regular user, so I compared only the plans up to 1TB.

Every service provides different variety of plans, and it is very difficult to compare them. In addition to that, every user have different needs and requires a different amount of storage, so before choosing the service for you, you should decide how much storage do you need.

Apple, Google, Dropbox and Microsoft have all updated their pricing plans in recent months or weeks, so it looks like the prices showed above are not going to change in a foreseeable future. Feel free to share with us what service do you use and how much storage space do you think is enough for you.