Nikola Template with Tesla Website Design

This week I took on a new challenge of recreating of the Tesla website in Blocs for Mac, and the result might surprise you.


Remember the Apple Mac mini website I rebuilt in Blocs a couple of months ago? It wasn’t too difficult to build, so I was amazed at how positive the reaction was.

So, long story short, I have decided to take on another challenge this week and recreate another iconic website with some unique features and look. Of course, I’m talking about the Tesla website, which has some cool looking snap scrolling and beautiful full-screen imaginary.

It took me a few days to get it perfectly right on mobile and tablet devices, but the result, in my opinion, is actually more impressive than Apple’s website.

Check the live demo here

Of course, the big reason why I was able to create such a close copy of this website in Blocs 3 was the new Snap Scroll bric, available for free on Blocs Store  Thanks to this bric, I was able to incorporate the snap scrolling effect in just a few clicks.

Same as with Apple Mac mini website, I don’t own any copyrights for the content used in the site, so I cannot sell the exact carbon copy of this website as a template on Blocs Templates.

At the same time, I knew that many users will be asking to make a template like this for Blocs, so I have released a copyright-free version of this project as a Nikola template. It has the same structure and feel but comes with dummy content.

Check the Nikola template

By the way, make sure to update Blocs to the latest version (as of today, it’s 3.2.2) and install the free Snap Scroll bric before opening the project on your computer. Nikola template also uses a custom font from Google (Montserrat), but you can use any of the fonts available in Blocs or Google Fonts.

As always, this template is available for free to all existing members of Blocs Templates. You can download the copyright-free version of this template using the ‘Download’ button in your purchase email.