New videos in Blocs Core Training


Last week, I have worked very hard to add another bunch of new videos to Blocs Core Training, and now they are live. 

If you don’t know what it is, Blocs is one of the best visual web design tools for macOS, that lets you build premium looking and fully customizable websites without any coding. 

This week, I have added 9 new videos to Blocs Core Training video series, mostly covering the Column Row bric, bringing the total number of video lessons to a 69. I am not going to stop there, and I will add more videos in the future.

The list of the new videos:

1-5. Basics - Creating a sitemap
9-1. Column Row - Grouping brics
9-2. Column Row - Aligning multiple elements
9-3. Column Row - Building complex layouts
9-4. Column Row - Improving tablet site structure
9-5. Column Row - Adding margins and paddings
9-6. Column Row - Adding background colors
9-7. Column Row - Adding hover effects
9-8. Column Row - Hiding multiple elements

I am helping Blocs users for a while now, and Blocs Core Training has become the ultimate video course for Blocs users. The best part of this video course is that it gets updated with new videos and improvements. So, even the people who signed up 6 months ago will be able to get an access to new videos I have just added. 

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