Update to Blocs Master website

In addition to the new videos covering the use of Column Row bric, I have been also working on updating the Blocs Master website. The new version is now live and it has become an integrated part of this website.

Check out the new Blocs Master page

As before, there are three video courses available.

The first one is Getting Started with Blocs video course. It is available for free and it is the best way to understand the basics of using Blocs. The course includes 14 easy-to-follow videos.

Sign up for Getting Started with Blocs (free)

The first of two premium courses is Building a website in Blocs. It has 24 detailed videos, designed to help you understand every step involved in creating of the multi-page website. 

This course comes with a 10% discount for Blocs Templates Membership ($15 value), the latest version of the premium template Photograph ($20 value), and $10 discount for Blocs Core Training video series. 

Sign up for Building a website in Blocs ($39)

Finally, there is Blocs Core Training - the ultimate video course for Blocs users.

I have just added another 9 videos to this course, so, as of today, there are 69 detailed video lessons available, and many more will be added in the future. 

This course also comes with a 10% discount for Blocs Templates Membership. As well as $10 discount for Building a website in Blocs video course.  

Sign up for Blocs Core Training ($69)