New Enterprise Template for Blocs 3

This week I have been busy rebuilding the Blocs Templates website and releasing the completely new version of Enterprise template for Blocs 3.


Since I first got interested in web design about 15 years ago, I have been ‘guilty’ of periodically changing and remaking my websites from scratch. I do that because my eyes are always craving for something fresh and new.

Even if I finish my brand new website today, not long after that, I would start over and come up with a completely new design. Today, my website looks perfect to me, but I know that soon it will be a different story.

New Version of Blocs Templates Website

I have lost count how many times I have rebuilt my personal website or Blocs Templates website from scratch. I have been doing that again these past few days, and today the new version of Blocs Templates website went live.

NEW Enterprise Template for Blocs 3

In addition to rebuilding the Blocs Templates website, I have also released a new Enterprise template for Blocs 3. This template was actually the exact design of my own website just a few years ago. Now, it is one of the most versatile and great looking templates available for Blocs.

This time around, in addition to multi-page and single-page versions, I have also decided to add an Animated version of Enterprise template. I call it that because almost every element on this version has Scroll Effects applied. I wanted to use effects, but I know that not every user likes them, so this is why it's optional in this template.

The full list of improvements:

- Much better tablet and mobile optimization
- Better looking fonts and general style
- Improved navigation menu
- Customized alerts messages
- Customized Scroll to Top button
- Improved single-page version
- New version with scroll effects applied
- Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements
- Overall loading speed improvements
- Adjusted the shadows of default elements
- Personalized active (focus) state for form fields

I am already working on the next template, as well as next update for Mastering Blocs 3 course, so stay tuned for my following email in coming weeks.

Check out the Enterprise Template