Music Template for Blocs 3 is Available

A couple of days ago, I released a new version of Music template for Blocs 3. I have also made a couple of videos about it.

Music template is one of the best looking templates for Blocs 3.

Music template is one of the best looking templates for Blocs 3.

As I have done with all templates I have built this year, the Music template was rebuilt from scratch using Blocs 3.1.2, and it was improved in every possible way.

If you want to see what are the most significant changes and improvements in this new version, I recommend watching a simple video I have made showing off the best new features of this great looking template.

Take a look.

Obviously, the most significant improvements are new Discography, Event, and Album page, which now allow you to listen to the song without leaving the website.

The list of improvements:

- Better looking fonts and general style
- Much improved navigation menu
- Completely redesigned every single element
- Much better tablet and mobile optimization
- Customized alerts messages
- New Music page now shows a grid of albums
- A cool looking hover effect for album arts
- New play-in-place Album page
- Simplified design for the contact page
- A completely redesigned Events page
- Customized Scroll to Top button
- Massively improved single-page version
- Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements
- Overall loading speed improvements

Mastering Blocs March 2019 Update

In addition to releasing this template, I have also shared a tutorial on how to create the cool overlay hover effects for images using just custom classes. The video is a part of Mastering Blocs 3 March update but I have made it available for free.

Check the demo and download Music template