Meet the Resume template for Blocs

Building websites with Blocs is a joy. Would you believe that the actual time I have spent building this template was less than two hours?

Well, ok, I admit that this template has a quite simple structure, and I did spend a couple of days researching for the best looking resume websites to find some inspiration, but still, to build a fully functional, great looking website from scratch in two hours is amazing.

I love Squarespace a lot, but the freedom and speed of making websites with Blocs make it my favorite web design tool. If you haven't already, take a closer look.

Resume template was designed for personal resume websites. It includes sections for about, education, experience, work, skills, portfolio, contact information, contact form, as well as a Google Maps widget. It is one of the most easy customizable Blocs templates I have ever made, and it looks amazing on mobile.

To check two demos and download the template, visit this page.