May News and Updates


Let me share with you what was going on with my projects in May.

New Apartment template coming soon

First of all, I have worked on the new template for Blocs. I called it the Apartment, and as you can guess from its name, it was designed to use for real estate websites.

There are still a few things I want to fix first before adding it to the Blocs Templates library, which I plan to do next week. If you are a Blocs Templates member, you will be able to download it for free, and if you are, you can sign up using the link below.

Check the Blocs Templates

New videos in Blocs Core Training

Secondly, I have added 6 more videos to the ultimate video course for Blocs users, Blocs Core Training. You can check all the videos or sign up if you haven't already by visiting the link below.

Check out Blocs Core Training

Upcoming content for blog and YouTube

In addition to the template and videos, I have prepared the new content for you, based on questions and feedback I get from my subscribers. So, if you like web design, curious how and why I use both Squarespace and Blocs, or how you can integrate the new Solis app into your web development process, check out my blog and YouTube channel using the links below.

Check out my YouTube Channel