Mastering Blocs March 2019 Update

Today, I am sharing with you the March Update for the Mastering Blocs video series available on


I will tell you upfront, this update is one of the most important updates I will ever release for Blocs Master. I have tried to make it as simple as possible, so it would be easy to understand because if you can understand the 13 videos about Classes in Blocs 3 I have released this month, you will find using Blocs much more enjoyable. 

Focus On Core Functionality, not examples

I have included a few examples of what each part of the Class Editor does in Blocs, but the most important thing here is not an actual example. It is more about understanding what each option does to each bric in Blocs.

So, when you watch this month update, please concentrate on understanding the core functionality of each option instead of focusing on examples.

Classes are an integral part of the process when it comes to building a fully responsive unique looking websites in Blocs. Custom Class Editor acts as a translator between the raw code and simple buttons/sliders, so master the translator, and you will master the language (or at least the communication using this language).

This update includes the following content:

Classes - Dimensions
Classes - Padding & Margin
Classes - Position
Classes - Background
Classes - Border
Classes - Typography
Classes - Shadow
Classes - Appearance (Opacity)
Classes - Standard, Hover, and Active States
Classes - Subclass Library
Classes - Bootstrap 4 Classes
Classes - Using Inspector to Find Classes
Classes - Improvisation

In general, this update includes 3 types of videos. First, there are nine videos covering Custom Class Editor. Then, there are three videos explaining how to find any custom class you want. And then, there is one video showing how you can combine different settings of Class Editor to create cool effects as I did in the Music template.

Free Video Lesson for Everybody

As always I have made one video from this update available for free to my YouTube audience  It is the last video I have mentioned above.

You can watch the video below.

Blocs 3.2 is coming soon and it sports some great new features like Modals, active page link adjustments, etc. I will share more videos with you about its new features on my YouTube channel when it will be out.

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