Mastering Blocs April 2019 Update

Today, I am sharing with you the April Update for the Mastering Blocs video series available on

I am happy to announce the release of another update for Mastering Blocs 3 course. This month's update is being released a little bit later than usual, and the reason for that is the release of the Getting Started with Blocs 3 video course at the beginning of this month.

Starting next month, I will make sure to stick to the original schedule, which is basically releasing the update in the first half of the month.

April update includes the following videos:

April Update Summary

Snap Scroll - 1. Bric Basics

Snap Scroll - 2. Adjusting the Position of Indicators

Snap Scroll - 3. Adjusting the Color of Indicators

Snap Scroll - 4. Adjusting the Labels

Accordion - 1. Bric Basics

Accordion - 2. Basic Appearance Settings

Accordion - 3. Adjusting Header with Classes

Accordion - 4. Adjusting Body with Classes

Accordion - 5. Adjusting Colors of Text

Accordion - 6. Fine-Tuning Appearance

Blogging with Blocs - Intro

Blogging with Blocs - Overview

Blogging with Blocs - Structure

Blogging with Blocs - Example

Free Video Lesson for Everybody

As always I have made one video from this update available for free to my YouTube audience.

You can watch the video below.

Learn about Height and Width units in Blocs 3.

If you are a student of Mastering Blocs course, you can log in into your dashboard to access all of these videos for free.

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