Mastering Blocs 3 June Update on Images

This monthly update includes 15 new detailed videos covering everything you need to know about images in Blocs 3, including four custom brics available on Blocs Store.

This monthly update covers everything you need to know about Images in Blocs 3.

This monthly update covers everything you need to know about Images in Blocs 3.

I have finally been able to post the new update to Mastering Blocs 3 course from The latest update includes 15 new videos about Images in Blocs 3.

With this update, I am coming closer to covering all of the topics I have included in Blocs Core Training video course for Blocs 2. Hopefully, in coming months, I could say that both Blocs Templates and Blocs Master videos are fully optimized and focused on the latest and greatest version of Blocs app.

June update includes the following videos:

Images – 1. Basic Settings
Images – 2. Basic Appearance & Interactions
Images – 3. Round Image Bric
Images – 4. Carousel Basics
Images – 5. Customizing Carousel with Subclasses
Images – 6. Gallery Basics
Images – 7. Backgrounds
Images – 8. Using Parallax Effect
Images – 9. Multi Resolution Images
Images – 10. Custom Frames & Shadows
Images – 11. Editing Caption Style
Images – 12. Hover Tilt Bric
Images – 13. Image Comparison Bric
Images – 14. Images with Text Bric
Images – 15. Image Overlay Bric

Free Video Lesson for Everybody

As always, I have made one video from this update available for free to my YouTube audience.

You can watch the video below.

The biggest video course for Blocs ever

This monthly update takes the total number of videos included in exclusive updates to Mastering Blocs course to 87, making it the biggest online video course I have ever created. When you count all of the videos included in Mastering Blocs package, there are almost 250 videos now, with many more to be added in coming months.

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