Mastering Blocs 3 July Update on Animations

I have added new detailed videos covering animations and special effects in Blocs 3, available to all Mastering Blocs 3 students for free.

When it comes to web design, I am not the biggest fan of animations and special effects. At the same time, when I want to add some style to my web page, it's great to have some options to make your content stand out.

Blocs 3 has a few different categories of animations baked into the app, and when used properly, these can actually improve your website and give it a unique and modern look.

I have just released the Application template for Blocs 3, which heavily relies on Scroll FX and animations. So, I thought it will be an excellent time to cover these cool features in July's Mastering Blocs 3 course update.

Today, I am happy to share with you new video tutorials covering everything Blocs 3 user needs to know to master Animations and Special Effects.

The full list of videos for this month's update:

Animations - 1. Summary and Recommendations
Animations - 2. Scroll Effects Basics
Animations - 3. Scroll In and Out
Animations - 4. Fade In and Out
Animations - 5. Scroll Effects Zoom
Animations - 6. Regular Animations Basics
Animations - 7. Appear on Screen
Animations - 8. Mouse Over
Animations - 9. Custom Class Hover Effects
Animations - 10. Combining Effects and Animations
Animations - 11. Third-Party Custom Animations

Why are some videos so simple?

Time to time, some Blocs Master students tell me that some of the videos I make for Mastering Blocs 3 are not advanced enough. I want to address these students today.

My main goal is to create videos,
which can be helpful to everybody.

Many of my students are entirely new to Blocs and do not have any experience with web design. I want to help these people as much as I want to help more advanced users with more experience under the belt.

If you feel that you know the topic I am covering in a video, just skip it.

I am not forcing you to watch every single video. I have a goal to create a database of video tutorials, which you can browse to find what you need. But please remember that what you need might be completely different from what other users need.

Free Tutorial for Everybody

As always, I am sharing one of the videos from this update for free.

August Update Coming Very Soon

I am already working on the next update to Mastering Blocs 3, which I plan to release before August 11th. In addition to this update, I will also release four more templates for Blocs 3 this month. If you haven't already, sign up for my newsletter below to be the first to know when I release these new products.

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