Mac OS X Mavericks Available Today for Free

Free Mavericks

 In addition to the hardware, Apple has announced today that the new version of its desktop operating system, Mac OS X Mavericks will be available to all users starting today for absolutely free.

Apple has surprised us with its ‘revolutionised pricing’, dropping the prices to zero for not only the OS X, but for iWork and iLife apps as well. Apple lowered the prices for software they make during the recent years, but making it available for absolutely no charge is a big pleasuring surprise.

OS X Mavericks contains hundred of new features, including latest power managing technologies, new innovating features in core of OS, improvements in security, new apps like Maps and iBooks, previously available only on iOS devices, and many more.

Mac OS X Mavericks is available as a free download for Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard users and compatible with the most of the Macs Apple produced in recent years, starting with a iMac of 2007.

Eldar GezalovComment