Launch Desktop Applications Directly From Google Drive

Google has released a new extension for Chrome that lets users open the files saved in Google Drive directly into a native desktop application installed on their computers. Thanks to this little feature, Google Drive users can smoothly switch between web and desktop applications without need to manually open them.

Google has just made the Google Drive a little bit better. Before today, when using Google Drive, users were able to preview files, create and share documents, spreadsheets or presentations, edit photos, and do other tasks that can be done inside a Chrome web browser. Of course, not all tasks can be effectively done using just a web browser, so there are always situations when it is necessary to use a native desktop application to get some heavy staff done. 

Starting today, thanks to a new extension for Chrome, Google Drive users are not limited only to web applications inside the Google Drive, so no matter what kind of file they keep in Drive, they will be able to open it with any application installed their computer. It means you can open a PSD files saved in Google Drive just by making a right-click on the file and selecting "Open with" to see a list of compatible applications installed on your local computer and open it.

Download Application Launcher for Drive

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