Rumored Apple Products for 2014


Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities is an analyst, well-known for his accurate predictions of the future releases of Apple products. Last week, Kuo revealed a research note in which he describes his expectations for the products he thinks Apple will release during the next year.

Some of the most interesting predictions by Kuo are a new 'budget' iMac, 9.7-inch iPad with even higher resolution than the current model and a new 12-inch MacBook with a Retina Display and completely new design.

Few weeks ago, Apple updated the iMac, the best all-in-one desktop computer solution on the market. New model received a lot of positive reviews across the internet, but Kuo thinks that iMacs are not selling as good as Apple wants them to, because of relatavely high price. Currently, the most affordable iMac on the market 21.5-inch model is availabe for $1,299. By introducing the new low-cost model, Apple is expected to expend its sales not only in US, but globally as well. 

More surprisingly, according to Kuo, Apple is going to release a completely new MacBook in 2014, a redisigned 12-inch hybrid of 11-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina Display. I am using a 11-inch MacBook Air as my primary machine, so this news excites me the most. Having a Retina display and high performance of MacBook Pro inside a super-portable and slim 11-inch MacBook Air sounds like a perfect laptop to me.

Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted that Apple is going to release a new full-sized iPad with a display with an even higher pixel density than the current model. He expects the new display to get 40-60% more pixels than the current iPad 4.

Let me know what products are you expecting Apple to release in 2014. And do you think Apple will introduce iWatch or even maybe iTV?  

Eldar GezalovComment