Apple Updated iWork for iCloud

Last week Apple has updated the web version of its Pages, Number and Keynote productivity apps. The update includes support for eight new languages and over 50 new fonts, as well as other small improvements to functionality and user interface.

The new languages include French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew, although the last two are only included in Pages, leaving Numbers and Keynote with only six new languages. In addition to support for new languages, Apple has added more than 50 new fonts, previously available only for iWork apps for desktop and mobile operating systems.

Check out the changes in iWork for iCloud, and let me know if I missed anything:

  • Eight new languages
  • 50 new font types
  • Ability to change the name of a document directly from a toolbar
  • Ability to undo the deletion of section breaks
  • Dragging widget from a pie chart
  • Moving and resizing the chart legends
  • Showing and hiding of the slide navigator

Although the iWork for iCloud web apps are remain in beta and still lag behind the desktop and mobile versions of iWork, it is nice to see that Apple is continuing to improve the online version of its productivity suite.