iPhone 6 Plus Can Replace Your iPad

iPhone 6 Plus is the best Apple smartphone I have ever used. After using it for few weeks, I strongly believe that it can completely replace a tablet and become the only mobile device I have to carry around to get things done on the go. Let me explain why.

Big enough to replace a tablet

First of all, the iPhone 6 Plus have a huge 5.5-inch display with a 1080p full HD resolution. After using it for few weeks, I have come to a conclusion that this screen size is big enough for doing everything I was doing on my iPad. 

I am a frequent flyer, and until now my iPad was the perfect device for watching movies on the plane. However, on my recent flight I comfortably watched couple of movies on my new iPhone 6 Plus, and I almost didn't feel any difference, because it felt like I was using a tablet. iPhone's widescreen resolution helps here a lot, being much better for viewing video content than iPad's screen with 4:3 ratio.

iPad is not the best tool for productivity anyway

People may say that iPad is still better than iPhone 6 Plus for productivity, and I agree that it is easier to input text and edit documents on bigger display of iPad. But the thing is, when I have to work on a complex document, I will reach for my MacBook instead of iPad anyway. I rarely do any document editing on iPad, so for simple editing on the go, the screen of iPhone 6 Plus is not that much worse than iPad's.

Cost effective. One device instead of two

For some tasks iPad is still better than iPhone 6 Plus, but the difference between two is not big enough to make me carry around second device. I believe that iPhone 6 Plus is much more cost effective and efficient way to get things done on the go compared to a combination of smaller screen size iPhone + iPad. 

Of course, every user is different and that could be completely different in your case. For instance, I don't play games on iPad at all, so I don't care if iPhone's screen is too small for gaming. There are people who buy iPads just to play games, and for them iPhone 6 Plus will never be a replacement for iPad. 

iPad mini. Sorry, but you have to go

Mp3 players are dying, because people are buying smartphones these days. There is not a single smartphone out there that don't have the Mp3 playback functionality, so why bother spending more money to buy a device that can't give you anything on top of functionality of your smartphone.

I am sure that same is going to happen to iPad mini. Although iPad Air has still some arguments to be called a great device, I am struggling to find a decent reason why I would prefer to use iPad mini instead of iPhone 6 Plus. The iPad is destined to compete with laptop computer, not mobile phones. I expect Apple to discontinue the iPad mini and introduce the new iPad Pro with a 12+ inch display.


After using it for a couple of weeks, I learned that thanks to its huge 5.5-inch high resolution display, iPhone 6 Plus is a perfect device for watching movies, browsing the web, checking email and enjoying the other apps I have usually used my tablets for. iPhone 6 Plus has become the best tablet I have ever used.

Eldar GezalovComment