iPad Pro as a laptop replacement

These days, my main computer is a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Retina display. When I work from home, I connect my MacBook Pro to 32-inch external monitor, which is perfect for consuming the video content.

15-inch MacBook Pro is not the most portable and lightweight notebook to carry around, so in recent months, I have tried to switch to a 12-inch Retina MacBook. I loved almost everything about it, but slower performance made it impossible for me to keep it as my primary computer.

A serious effort to replace MacBook

Then, the iPad Pro came out. On paper, 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a beast machine that sounded like a great candidate to be a laptop replacement. After all, even Tim Cook has said that iPad Pro can replace the regular laptop.

I was serious about my plans for replacing the MacBook Pro with iPad Pro, so I have invested in buying the most expensive 128GB LTE version of iPad Pro. In addition, I have bought the Apple Smart Keyboard, which I think is essential if you plan to use iPad Pro as your only computer. I have also tried Logitech CREATE keyboard, but its weight and bulky design have disappointed me right away.

My impressions using iPad Pro

After 60 days of doing my best to use it as my primary computer, these are the things I have learned about the iPad Pro:

  • It has an amazing display, which is perfect for enjoying the video content
  • It has even more impressive speakers
  • No matter what keyboard I use, typing experience is nowhere near regular laptop
  • iOS do not offer any added benefits to iPad Pro users
  • iPad Pro is too heavy to hold in one hand

To summarize, thanks to its great display and loud speakers, iPad Pro is a great media consuming device, but it falls short in productivity department due to its software limitations.

Nothing about iPad Pro feels like a 'Pro'

I am not an artist, so I cannot represent the users who take the full advantage of Apple Pencil, which only supports iPad Pro. But in general, iPad Pro doesn't feel like a ‘Pro’ device to me. As a main computer, it might be good enough for elder people or kids, but its price tag is way too high for these user case scenarios.

Don’t take me wrong, iPad Pro is the best tablet out there. My point is that it is far from replacing the regular computers, at least not for everybody. It is a wonderful device, which I will be keeping to catch on Netflix, show photos to my family, browse the web on my couch. But when I will need to get some work done, I will always go back to my MacBook Pro.