iPad 5 Design is Confirmed by New Smart Covers

If you still don't believe that iPad 5 is going to follow the design of iPad mini, there is another evidence that will make your doubts go away. Guys from Unbox Therapy uploaded the video that shows new 'iPad 5' sized Smart Covers in few various colors. 

By watching the video below, you can see that new Smart Covers and rumoured iPad 5's panel are perfectly matching each others form-factors. iPad mini was the first iPad to use the narrow design, and now iPad 5 is expected to do the same. As for Covers itself, there are expected to be at least 8 color variations, including red, pink, orange, blue, green, gray, white and black.

Apple is expected to held a launch event for new iPad lineup in October, where we will see not only the new iPad 5, but also the new generation of iPad mini, hopefully with a Retina display. 

Eldar GezalovComment