Introducing the new Blocs Master courses

Today, I am happy to introduce you to two new Blocs Master video courses I am releasing this year for Blocs 3.

I have been making websites with Blocs for a few years, and during that time, I have replied to thousands of emails with questions about Blocs. Most emails were asking the similar inquiries, so I have decided to create the Blocs Master to answer these questions and help the Blocs users to save time on learning how to use Blocs to build beautiful websites.

This year I am releasing two new courses for Blocs 3.

The first course is called Blocs for Beginners, and it includes 16 easy-to-understand video lessons designed to help you get started with Blocs 3. In this course, I explain the basics of Blocs 3 and show how to build a multi-page website from scratch.

The website I am building in this course is a new Agency template which is also available to the members of Blocs Templates. So, when you sign up for the Blocs Master course, in addition to video lessons, you also get a great looking template.

Alongside Blocs 3 for Beginners, I am also releasing the Mastering Blocs bundle, which combines the Blocs 3 for Beginners course with lifetime access to the monthly video lessons, covering different aspects of using Blocs. I will publish the first lessons at the beginning of December.

Some of the content included in Mastering Blocs:

– Blocs for Beginners course with Agency Template
– Free monthly updates with video lessons for at least a year
– Three legacy courses for Blocs 2 with over 120 detailed videos
– $50 discount on Blocs Templates Membership

Blocs 3 is a massive upgrade regarding both functionality and user experience. I believe that if you master it, you will be able to build almost any type of website without knowing how to code.

So, If you have thought about learning web design or even starting your web design career, Blocs Master is here to help you to achieve your goal.

P.S. Both courses are on sale now until Nov 27. Use the code MASTER30 to save 30%

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