Meet Designer, the Blocs Template for Creatives

Today, I am happy to share with you the new and massively improved version of the Designer template for Blocs 3.

Designer Template was originally used for the design of this exact website.

Designer Template was originally used for the design of this exact website.

The designer template has one of the best website designs I have ever created. The thing is, I have designed it at first for my website, but after many users have asked to release it as a template, I have changed the design of my site and released the old design as this Designer template.

Although it is effortless to change the color scheme of this template, I would say that it is best to use this template with dark colors. I would recommend using this template for any personal or creative person website. I know people who use this template for an artist, freelance designer, and even for a web design company sites.

Lots of Improvements under the hood

Once again, just like with my other templates I am rebuilding with Blocs 3, I try to keep the design and layout similar to the previous version of this template for Blocs 2.

At the same time, there are many improvements under the hood.

Below is a list of just some of them:

- Much improved mobile optimization for all elements
- A much better-looking tablet version of the design
- Clear and easy to change navigation style
- Smooth effects and animations across all pages
- Improved fade in and sliced borders effects
- Improved social buttons in the header and footer
- New Blog page with post thumbnails
- Improved contact form style with custom alerts, focus, etc.
- Customized Scroll to the Top button
- Custom paddings for many blocs, including header
- Much better structure for the Single-page version
- Overall loading speed improvements
- Bunch of bug fixes and small improvements

These are only ones I can remember looking at the finished version of this template, but there are so much more small details.

There is however one small outstanding bug in Blocs 3, which I did fix using the custom class .designer-white-border-bug. At the moment, this class overrides the white border appearing under some blocs with a black bar. When the developer of Blocs fixes this issue, you could remove this class from the class manager.

A lot more coming very soon

I am learning new techniques in Blocs 3 every day (which I am sharing in Mastering Blocs 3 course on . I apply all of these techniques to make my next template my best. As a result, I can produce much better templates even with the same design.

I am already working on the Personality template for Blocs 3, which I am going to release next week on Friday. I am enjoying using Blocs 3 so much, and I can't stop building more and more awesome templates using this fantastic tool.

Check the demo and download the Designer template