Introducing the Commerce Template for Blocs

I am happy to share with you the new wholly rebuilt version of the Commerce template for Blocs 3.


In today's short blog posts, I want to share with you the new version of the Commerce template for Blocs 3  With the release of this template, there are now 17 templates for Blocs 3 available on

I plan to rebuild all of the remaining templates very soon and then concentrate on bringing more entirely new designs. There are so many ideas I have, so I can't wait to finish rebuilding all of the existing templates to take on a challenge of creating more complex and great looking websites with Blocs 3.

The list of the improvements in ver 2.0 of Commerce template:

- Completely Redesigned every single element
- Much better tablet and mobile optimization
- Customized alerts messages
- Customized Scroll to Top button
- Massively improved single-page version
- New About section in single-page version
- Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements
- Overall loading speed improvements

The absence of BEX Page Template files

The current version of Blocs app still has some issues when it comes to exporting the BEX files, so I am not able to include the BEX Page Templates with this update, but when the bug will be fixed, I will add them right away.

Mastering Blocs March Update is Coming Soon

This week I have also started to work on the next update for Mastering Blocs video course. The following month update will become one of the most critical updates I have even posted on Blocs Master, which will help you learn how to customize almost any element of your website without knowing how to code.

Check the demo and download the Commerce template