Introducing the Blocs 3 Template for Photographers

Introducing the new version of my premium template for professional photographers and related websites, created from scratch using the latest version of Blocs 3.

Photograph template can be used for many types of websites, including small businesses.

Photograph template can be used for many types of websites, including small businesses.

Photograph template for Blocs 2 was one of the most popular templates, because in addition to be available to all Blocs Templates Members, it was also available as a part of ‘Building a Website in Blocs 2’ video course. The course itself covers every step of building this template, similar to the Agency template, which I am making in Blocs 3 for Beginners course.

Today, after a couple of weeks of working on perfecting this template, I am happy to share with you the completely new version of Photograph. As always, it was rebuilt from scratch using Blocs 3.3, I did my best to improve it in every possible way.

Big Changes and Improvements

There are a few notable changes and improvements like the new tabbed Portfolio page, which replaces the old method of having separate pages for each category. There are new hover effects for both portfolio items and profile pictures of team members on About page. Click on any of these profile pictures, and you are presented with a pop-up window with detailed information instead of more info under the image like it was in Blocs 2.

Perfectly Optimized Scroll FX

In addition to that, the whole template now supports the Scroll FX, making it a stunning template to navigate. I did my best to not ruin the UX by overusing the Scroll FX, so in places like footer or pages with mostly static content, you won’t see the Scroll FX. It might come as nothing to you, but I have actually put hours of testing and experimenting before deciding on what you see in the final version of Photograph template.

The full list of changes and improvements

- Fully customized tabbed content area
- Improved design and layout for the Portfolio page
- Improved hover effects for images and buttons
- Improved typography and colors for all elements
- Much better tablet and mobile optimization
- Improved navigation menu on all breakpoints
- Customized Scroll to Top button
- Customized Alert messages
- Customized Special menu background and close icon
- Customized form fields, including ‘focus’ state
- Improved the header and sticky navbar design
- Overall loading speed improvements
- Lots of bug fixes and small detail improvements

These are the only things I can remember. Like I shared with you in my previous posts, in addition to making these improvements, I have just got much better at using Blocs 3. With the new 3.3 version of Blocs and over 30 websites built in recent 9 months, I can be sure that the end product I get is way better and higher quality than it was before. (And I think it was never bad either :))

Check the Photograph Template

Mastering Blocs 3 Update Progress

Another update I wanted to share with you this week was a new Mastering Blocs 3 update for Blocs Master students. I am working on the road these days because of my business trip, so it takes me longer to record and edit the videos. I will be back home at my work station in a few days, so I will finish the new videos and share with Blocs Master members during the next week.

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