Important Update on Blocs Templates

If you sign up for the Blocs Templates Lifetime Access membership, you will get all of the updated and future templates for free.

It will take me months of work, but I will rebuild all of the existing templates to support Blocs 3.

It will take me months of work, but I will rebuild all of the existing templates to support Blocs 3.

According to the developers of Blocs, the next version of their fantastic web design app for Mac will be based on Bootstrap 4, opposed to Bootstrap 3 they currently use for the old version. It is excellent news, but quite a significant change, which means that Blocs Templates will have to be optimized, or in most cases, rebuilt from scratch.

Considering that there are already 29 templates with over 50 variations, rebuilding all of them will take a lot of time and effort. So, the prominent question people are asking me these days: “If I sign up for the Blocs Templates Lifetime Membership today, will the future versions of Blocs support the templates?”

I have been thinking about it a lot and discussed the possibilities with some of the members of Blocs Templates. One thing I had no doubts about is that all of the future templates I build for Blocs will be available for free to all existing members of Lifetime Membership. I promised that to my customers, and I am going to keep that promise.

At the same time, I had two possible ways of how to proceed with updating the existing templates.

Method 1

I could leave all existing templates as they are (perfectly optimized for the current version of Blocs (2.6.4)) and focus on building more amazing templates exclusively for the new version of Blocs.

Method 2

I could update or rebuild all of the existing templates from scratch using the new version of Blocs, and keep the current template files around to make sure that even customers on the old version of Blocs can use the templates.

Long story short, I have decided to choose the second method. Of course, this method will make it impossible to focus on building new templates.

Templates Update Schedule

I will begin rebuilding the current templates starting with the most popular ones. If you want to know what templates I am talking about, you can go to and browse the templates library.

Update Eligibility

I have mentioned that customers of 'Lifetime Access' will get all of the new templates, but what about users who have signed up for the '1 Year Access' option?

Well, I am happy to announce that no matter what membership option you have chosen, you will be able to get your hands on the freshly rebuilt versions of templates. Of course, for people who have signed up for the ‘1 Year Access’, their membership should be still active to get access.

What about new templates?

Focusing on updating the existing templates will make it harder for me to build the new templates, but it doesn’t mean that I will not do that entirely. In addition to rebuilding all existing templates, I also plan on creating at least one new template each 6~8 weeks.

So, there you have the answer to the question. I will update or rebuild all existing templates on Blocs Templates collection, and provide them to all current members for free.

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