iCloud Drive Pricing Plans Compared to Competitors

 New pricing plans announced during WWDC 2014

We live in a post-PC era, where a cloud storage became the essential element of personal computing. There are many cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, which are constantly improving and becoming more affordable. Recently, Apple has entered this market by introducing the iCloud Drive. In this post, I am going to see how affordable iCloud Drive is compared with its competitors.

Apple drops prices for iCloud storage

Until now, iCloud was more of a service for simple syncing of data between iOS and OS X apps, but with introducing of iCloud Drive, it becomes a place to store any type of file, similar to Dropbox, Box etc. 

Apple announced that it is going to change the current plans for iCloud Storage, so users won't be able to upgrade to 10GB and 50GB plans anymore. Instead, the new storage plans will start at $0.99 per month for 20GB and go up to 1TB.

The prices itself will be much cheaper. Apple is currently charging $40 per year for 20GB, while according to new plans, 20GB will cost you less then $12 per year - almost four times cheaper.

 Current pricing plans for iCloud

Current pricing plans for iCloud

Comparison with competitors

But what about the pricing plans of other popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. It turns out that Apple's new rates for iCloud storage are identical to what is Google offering, while Dropbox and Microsoft charge you significantly more. 

All these services provide a variety of plans for its customers, but I decided to compare the most popular 100GB and 200GB.

 Comparison of prices for 100GB and 200GB plans

Comparison of prices for 100GB and 200GB plans

As you can see, Google Drive and iCloud Drive have an identical rate of $0.24 per gigabyte of storage. The only difference between two is an absence of 200GB plan for Google Drive and 100GB plan for iCloud Drive.

During the recent years, Dropbox has built a great army of loyal users, but I strongly believe that Dropbox should seriously reconsider its pricing strategy. As for iCloud Drive, I think it is a  very promising service, which is as affordable as it gets these days.

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