I Have Changed Everything About the Application Template for Blocs 3

Introducing the new version of the Application template for Blocs 3, redesigned and rebuilt from scratch with a completely new style and feel.

Application for Blocs 3 has a colorful and fresh look.

Application for Blocs 3 has a colorful and fresh look.

I was going to rebuild the Application template for Blocs with the same design and feel as the previous version. It was easier for me because I wouldn't need to reinvent the wheel, but I felt that many of my new templates have a similar look and feel.

I have decided to ignore the current version of the Application template, and rebuild it from scratch with a completely new design. As a result, I have much more uncomplicated, but in my opinion, still a great looking template for app developers.

Only one-page version

The absolute majority of my templates have both single-page and multi-page versions available for download. I did some research on the best-designed app websites, and I have concluded that one-page design is the way to go this time. So, Application template for Blocs 3 has only one single-page version, which features the 'Scroll to Target' navigation.

Stealth navigation menu

I have made the navigation menu invisible until the users start to scroll the page. And on mobile devices, I have hidden it completely, making it easier for visitors to concentrate on the content.

By the way, to edit the menu in this template, you will need to scroll down to the last bloc of your Blocs project. It might not make sense at first, but this is actually a neat little trick, which allows us to make the menus invisible unless the users scroll the page down.

Cool website title design

One of the most noticeable parts of this template's design is the cool-looking cut-out title. I have created this using the parallax-enabled background image and another image I have pre-edited on my computer before importing into Blocs. I plan to cover how I did that in one of my future video tutorials, so if you haven't already, visit my YouTube channel to subscribe.

I plan to rebuild all remaining Blocs 2 templates in Blocs 3 before the end of the summer, which will give me the freedom to concentrate on completely new projects this fall.

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