How To Find A Winning Course Topic

Are you thinking about creating your first online course, but not sure how to pick the right topic? Let me share with you the simple solution.

Finding a profitable topic idea is very important when it comes to creating a successful online course.

Finding a profitable topic idea is very important when it comes to creating a successful online course.

Coming up with an excellent topic for an online course is not always easy. Some people are chasing the trending topics, but lack passion and motivation to create quality content. Some are concentrating on something they love, but forget to think what people want.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to finding a great topic for your course. In short, the success formula is as follows:

Your Passion + Your Skills + Market Demand = Winning Topic

As you can see, the winning course topic is a combination of three elements: your passion, your skills, and market demand.


Your course topic should be something you are passionate about, something you love to talk about, and something you will enjoy teaching others. Because it is not just more difficult to create quality content about a topic you are not in love with, but it also shows when you are teaching students.

Very often, passion is the only difference between boring and exciting class.


The second element of a winning topic is Skill. You need to be good at something you are going to teach others. So, if you are not yet confident and comfortable playing piano or dancing, don't try to show others how to do it.

First, master it yourself, and then pass the know-how to your future students.

Market Demand

Finally, your course topic should be something people are willing to pay to learn. Because, no matter how good your course will be, if nobody needs it, you will end up just wasting your time.

Of course, unlike passion and skill, we can’t know for sure if there is a market demand for our topic. However, there are some techniques we can use to validate our course topic ideas and make sure there is a market demand. I teach precisely that in the video 1-4. Validate Your Course Idea of my Course Master course.

Check out one of the videos from this free course below.

Real Life Example

As I showed in a video above, to give you a real life example, I will share with you how I have come up with an excellent topic for my course on web design.

My passion: I am passionate about clean and minimal design
My skills: I am good at using the visual web design software
Market demand: Many people want to build websites, but don't know how.

Topic: Visual web design for people who don’t know how to code


To summarize, think about something you are good at and passionate about, and then check if there is a market demand.

As I mentioned above, you can watch the videos covering the whole process of choosing and validating the winning course topic, if you go to the page below.

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