How My Passion For Helping People Changed My Life

Today, I want to share with you the story of how I have come to where I am today, and how the passion for helping people has changed my life.

I have been designing websites for the past 15 years. I have used various platforms, such as Wordpress, RapidWeaver, iWeb, Sandbox, Adobe Muse, but I got seriously interested in web design only when I found Squarespace in 2012.

Using Squarespace

I have used Squarespace to build over a dozen websites, mostly for my friends, co-workers, and non-profit organizations. Squarespace is super easy to use and very intuitive, but since it is a template-based solution, there are some limits to what I can design with it. So, at one point, I was looking for an alternative to iWeb.

Overcoming Frustration of Using a New Tool

It was the end of 2014 ~ beginning of 2015 when I found Blocs. Blocs is a visual web design app for macOS, that lets you make beautiful responsive websites without the need to write code. I liked the promo video, so I have purchased it. But, like any other tool, it requires some time to get used to it.

It took me a long time to get over the frustrations and learning curve, but I was finally able to get going with building websites in Blocs. At the same time, I have started to communicate with other Blocs users, and I immediately felt that many new Blocs users have the same frustration as I had.

Blocs Templates Release

I have decided to find a way to help these people, and in the summer of 2016, I have launched the Blocs Templates to share my work with other users. In the beginning, it was just three simple templates, and today it is 29 in over 50 different variations.

Along the way, I have updated or rebuilt all templates many times, and I have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this project. As I posted last week, I will continue to do so.

Blocs Templates website has changed dramatically over the years.

Blocs Templates website has changed dramatically over the years.

Blocs Master Release

A few months later, I have realized that many people were signing up for Blocs Templates not only to speed up their website building process but also to learn Blocs. At that moment, I have decided to create a dedicated website for teaching Blocs, and a few sleepless months later, I have launched Blocs Master.

Since the release of Blocs Master, thousands of people have enrolled in Blocs Master video courses, which have over 150 quality videos covering various aspects of using Blocs. I was very excited about the success of Blocs Master project because it felt so amazing to help so many people.

Upon release Blocs Master website has a stylish dark theme.

Upon release Blocs Master website has a stylish dark theme.

Space Master Release

Then, I have used my experience with Blocs Master to create a similar project for Squarespace. Аt the beginning of 2018, I have launched Space Master which is a series of highly detailed videos designed to help people learn web design with Squarespace. It was also very successful.

Course Master Release

However, it wasn't easy. I was very overwhelmed with the process of creating video courses, and I spent months working very hard without proper sleep because I had no idea how to develop online courses efficiently. I have learned it the hard way, and now I want to help others create online courses, so I have launched the Course Master.

While working on my first courses, I often stayed awake for more than 24 hours in a row.

While working on my first courses, I often stayed awake for more than 24 hours in a row.

If I had to describe my lifestyle in three words, it would be Efficiency, Simplicity, Minimalism.

I hate to waste time, so when creating the Course Master, I have done my absolute best to exclude all of the useless information to make Course Master the most efficient guide to creating online courses. I have released the Course Master in October 2018, and I am very proud of it.

Great Plans Ahead

I have many ideas for new projects to help more people. If you can relate in any way, stay around and join my newsletter, which is the primary tool I use to communicate with my audience. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And if you ever have any questions or need help with building websites or creating online courses, please, feel free to schedule an online appointment or contact me at any time. I would be delighted to connect and do my best to help you because helping people like you is what makes me happy.