Google Releases New Hangouts App for Chrome

Google is trying to make its messaging and calling service Hangouts as accessible as possible, so today Google has released a new version of Hangouts app for Chrome. Available for Windows and Chrome OS devices, the new app hugely improves the accessibility and provides simple and easy to use user interface, making the messaging and calling experience on Chromebooks feel like using a native application.

One of the most noticeable visual differences in the updated app is a new avatar-based toggle window. Users can pin the avatars of their favorite conversations and drag the toggle window to any place on the screen. These avatars always stay on top and make the multitasking in Chrome even easier.

The app runs in the background and notifies the users using elegant animations when there is new messages or incoming calls. To see the app in action check the video below.

With the new Hangouts app users can send messages, make personal or group voice / video calls, send photos or emoji, etc. In addition to that, Google Voice integration makes it possible to make regular phone calls to any number in the world, receive calls and access the voicemail and SMS messages directly in the app.

The new Google Hangouts Chrome App is a big step forward towards making the Hangouts service the ultimate instant messaging and high quality voice / video calling service from Google. You can download the app for your Chrome browser via the link below. 

Download Hangouts Chrome App

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