Google Introduces a New Google Maps App

Just couple of days ago Google has introduced the new completely redesigned versions of Google Calendar and Gmail apps for smartphones and tablets. The process has not stopped there, and today Google has unveiled the new version of Google Maps app, that is coming to Android and iOS devices in coming days.

Like with Google Calendar and Gmail, the new Google Maps app is completely redesigned with Material Design in mind. Google has applied much brighter and fresher colors, making the experience of browsing the maps inside the app feel like the browsing the real world. Thanks to Material Design, every button and animation are connected, so it is much more natural to use the app.

The new Google Maps app provides a great experience for accessing of location related information, photos, and more. It includes the new handy features like an ability to reserve a table in restaurants using OpenTable, checking the estimates for Uber's pickup times and prices for the routes, and other useful information.

The app is going to be available to users in coming days, so stay tuned to be the first to find out when the app will be available for download.

Eldar GezalovGoogleComment