Google Introduces A New Gmail App

Google has just unveiled the new version of Gmail app for Android. In addition to getting a completely new sleek user interface with smooth transitions and animations, the new Gmail app is going to support Yahoo Mail, and other email provides using POP or IMAP.

The first impression after installing of the new Gmail app is how clean and elegant its user interface has become compare to previous versions. The app was completely redesigned based on Google's new Material Design, which is debuted with the Android 5.0 Lollipop. I think that with the Material Design, Google has finally found the way to match the elegance and solid feel of the iOS apps, making Android OS even more appealing choice compared to Apple's mobile operating system.

As for functionality, the new app now includes a handy reply button at the end of every message, making the replying to emails even easier. In addition, Google has improved the experience of switching between the accounts and different mailboxes.

The biggest new feature is, of course, the support of non-Gmail email accounts. Even though Gmail is the most popular email service these days, there are still many people who use Yahoo Mail or, and they will be happy to know that the new Gmail app will support all other email providers using POP or IMAP.

Many users including myself use several different email accounts for personal life and work, so an ability to manage all of them in one app sounds pretty good to me.

Take a look at the video below to see the new Gmail app in action.

The new Gmail app will be available for download in Google Play Store in few days, and it will run on all devices with Android 4.0 and higher. I also expect Google to release the iOS version of the app in coming months.

Eldar GezalovGoogleComment